Why choose MH

A destiny, not a dormitory

Focus on adults and children as of 16 years

Centrally in Cotentin

Close to Ste Mere Eglise and St. Vaast la Hougue

3 Large bedrooms & 3 bathrooms

Large & comfortable beds with no foot end

Large guest area

Lots of books

No pets

In-house brocante & boutique

Dinner facilities

Large flower garden, trees and plants of all kinds

Furnished terraces facing sun


Year round active region

Veilige en gratis parking voor auto’s, fietsen, scooters, motoren
en e-bikes

For couples & small groups 

Lots of insiders; info

Personal contact

"A very fine accommodation, extremely good breakfast, great tips and good talks", writes our Flemisch guest Gust who immediately booked another 6 nights for his next visit.

Warning: it happens on a regular basis that guests sleep better in MH than at home in their own beds.