Who are we?

In 2007 zijn wij, een Nederlands stel en internetondernemers, in de Cotentin komen wonen.
We immediately fell in love with the area.

Cotentin offers everything we appreciate: a mild climate, wonderful nature, fantastic food, nice people, lots of culture and history, an international living environment. The yearly D-day celebrations come as a bonus which we appreciate more by the years.

In short, we experience life here as it should be (we think!): space, no stress, no traffic jams, no parking meters, time for small talk and above all time for a good meal and a nice glass of wine, beer or cider.

In 2017 we decided to purchase a more spacious house in order to be able to receive guests from 2019 onwards. We wish to share with other people what we enjoy in Cotentin every day.

We run an authentic and maybe old fashioned bed & breakfast. In MH people meet each other, we talk and eat together. Because of how the dining area is situated this is all being stimulated in a very natural way. No ipads, tablets or phones on the table...

This special and precious environment reminds us of our freedom almost on a daily basis.
We feel we are the ambassadors of freedom.

We are very happy to meet people who come to visit the D-Day sites in Cotentin. Parents and children as of 16 years old are more than welcome. We think it is important to keep remembering and we feel the youngest generation should know what happened here and why.
We would like to contribute to this.

Cotentin is a fantastic area to visit!

We are happy to answer questions on a cultural, culinary and historical level.
We are passionate about Cotentin and you will surely notice this when you stay with us!

We like to make your holiday an experience and something memorable