Something to do for everyone in Cotentin

Per car, motorbike, scooter or bike

From MH you can go touring around Cotentin.
Per car, motorbike, scooter or (e)bike.

The area is flat and hilly. With e-bikes you can cycle around easily if you are less trained.

We help you find the nicest roads and ways to go. We have guides and websites to guide you. Please note that in Cotentin cycling is on the regular roads. So beware of traffic at all times.

You can store your bikes, scooters etc. safe with us. Do bring you own locks to use when touring around.

Please bring fluorescent clothes and maybe even a helmet. The landscape has many hedges and dark backgrounds. Make sure drivers see you. 

Careful: the hunting season is from September until March


From MH you an directly walk onto the fields and roads around the Merderet. 

The area is hilly as well as flat. Especially the coastline on the west side (La Hague) is a very rough but beautiful area. A must see.

There are many hiking trails. We have plans, guides and websites available for you. The most famoust hiking trail is the GR 223 from Denneville towards la Hague, Val de Saire onwards to Utah Beach.

Bring the right shoes. The are really necessary in every season. Boots is also a good idea. The Parc Naturel is flooded in autumn an wintertime. Bring visible clothes.

When hiking in the area please note the tides. High tide comes fast and can create a dangerous situation for you. 

By horse, cano, (sailing)boat, surfing or gliding

From MH you can go touring around Cotentin.

There are many beaches where you can go horseriding. How great is that! Only 1km away from MH you find the first riding school. But you will find many more in the area. Normandy is famous for its horses. Take some time to check out Le Haras de St. Lô.
We have no stables at our place!
Are you a trained rider? Look here.

How nice is it to go with a cano on the sea? Many options available. Just ask us for more details.

There are many harbours on the peninsula so plenty of options for sailors..

But there are also boats along the marais around Carentan (river Douve) and along the forts of Cherbourg (sea).

With a bit of wind the beaches of Quineville and Réville are very popular for (kite)surfers.

Along the westcoast you will regularly find gliders.


La Manche has 8 golfcourses.

From MH underneath courses can be reached within a 30 minutes drive

At 12 km
Golf de la Presqu´Ile (seaview)

At 25 km
Golf de Cherbourg

At 25 km
Golf de la Côte des Iles (very near the sea)

More info, check out Manche Golf.


Vissers kunnen hun hart ophalen in de Cotentin. Er is een visvijver in het dorp zelf en u kunt vissen aan de rivier de Merderet die zich eveneens op loopafstand van MH bevindt. Maar er zijn nog talloze andere plekken in de nabije omgeving.
U dient wel in het bezit te zijn van een viskaart. Deze kunnen we voor u verzorgen (week- en dagpas)